Frequently asked questions

What is the WomenBreakfastClub?

The WomenBreakfastClub is a network for professional women to connect, learn and grow personally and professionally. We have an online and an offline community; and we are open to women from all backgrounds, ages and industries as long as they share our values of

  • radical generosity
  • curiosity & openeness
  • encouragement & positivity

How can I join the WomenBreakfastClub?

The WomenBreakfastClub is a private members' network, for women by women. We are open to members in almost any industry and location. We encourage every woman who believes she is a suitable candidate - irrespective of her background - to apply. We will review and consider every application individually that comes through the onboarding form. Applications made outside of the onboarding form will not be processed nor considered. FREE or premium membership available:

What membership options are available?

The WomenBreakfastClub has three membership choices: 1. Free: the basic membership that gives you the newsletter and event invites, as well as access to the closed Facebook group. FREE. 2. Premium: low annual financial commitment, gives you access to the closed LinkedIn Group and discounts on our PAYG events and WBC.Academy. 3. PremiumPLUS: for professional women who come to more than 2 events a year from us. Includes all the perks and benefits, discounts, speaker opportunities, workshop opportunities and business introductions. Note: certain professions such as certain freelancers, coaches or HR talent personnell and headhunters can only be considered in the PremiumPLUS membership. Terms & Conditions apply

What is the WBC.Academy?

The WBC.Academy is the most flexible online and offline learning and development program for professional and curious women. In our crisp and clear 'How to....' format, you will learn from female experts in their field the ins and outs of a given subject. We run workshops, courses, one-off classes. Online and in person. If you want to take or teach a class you can sign up here:

What is gracefullyBOLD Coaching?

The gracefullyBOLD coaching program is by women-for-women and was developed and designed by our founder Nora, who is an accredited Executive coach herself, a Positive psychology practitioner and a well-being expert. Nora worked together with other accredited coaches, leadership and empowerment experts to structure the program. Nora has had a coach for years herself, and believes that coaching is the best kept secret of the most successful people. Through coaching, people achieve their true potential, develop a stronger self-confidence. coaching helps them feel happier, more connected and authentic in their actions. We currently have the following formats

  • Online 1:1 coaching (50 min)
  • Online group coaching (60-90 min)
  • Online speed coaching (20 min)
  • UK countryside retreats are available.
If you are interested in having a 15-min complementary discovery call reach out directly to so you can get started straight away. Otherwise, please complete this form:

Where do you have city chapters?

The WBC has a very active city chapter in London, UK. We are open to expand and run physical local city chapters but our online communty spans the world and we welcome anyone there. If you are interested in becoming one of our ambassadors, perhaps run and coordinate a city chapter please reach out to

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